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Fees and Expenses

Botherway Legal has recently reviewed their pricing models. We no longer charge based on time.  We deal in knowledge and solutions. Time is a very poor measure of the quality and value of this service.

We work on the basis of an agreed fee for each job we undertake for you. We will discuss the value of the job with you and agree on a fee before we start.

We have two main fee agreements.  One is a Fixed Fee for a specific project.  The other is a Fixed Monthly Charge for full and unlimited access (on the terms described in the agreement) to our resources for your business.

  • In House Expenses
  • Unless included in the quoted charges, some in-house expenses are charged out separately. We attempt to charge out these expenses on a full cost recovery basis. Please ask if you would like details of our current charges for expenses.
  • Disbursements
  • Are payments we make on your behalf for goods or services supplied outside our firm.  We charge these costs to you together with a margin of 12.5%
  • Commission
  • We receive commission on interest earned on money we place on interest bearing deposit for you.  Similarly we receive a commission on insurance we arrange on your behalf.
  • GST
  • GST is added to all our quotes and charges.
  • Our Guarantee
  • All our work is guaranteed.  If you are not fully satisfied with our services, you are not obligated to pay that part that represents your level of dissatisfaction.  Conditions apply.